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Research Community-Maintained Collaboration Server


Welcome to the Georgia Tech College of Computing Research Community-Maintained Collaboration Server, a cooperative initiative between CoC Researchers and the TSO Research Program Support Group. Basically, CoC Researchers manage the collaboration packages software, manage the request line and troubleshoot software problems. TSO Research Program Support makes sure there's decent hardware and OS support, file backups and provide continuity for the Community.


The mission of this initiative is to foster collaboration within our research community. Specifically,

Service Support Model

The servers were purchased by CoC faculty contributions and a small amount of TSO Research Group funds, so these servers actually belong to the CoC Research Community. All of the services offered on these systems are supported by volunteers in the CoC Research Community. The services provided on these servers are not 24x7 style, enterprise production level service. The current hardware is not under hardware warranty or under a hardware maintenance contract, however new hardware has been acquired and we are in the planning process of migrating the services. For a service to live on these servers, it must be offered to the entire CoC Research Community. Services will live and die by the rule of whether there are people in the community willing to support the service. As shown in the illustration below, the TSO Research Group has committed to a small subset of services. Other groups in the community have committed to support services as well. The TSO Research Group ensures that the hardware and OS are healthy and that the server is getting backed up, etc. In addition, the TSO Research Group monitors the health of offered services and makes sure there is adequate community support, coordinating Service Managers, etc.

Service Status

The table below lists the services that are currently available or in process.

ApplicationDescriptionService ManagersRequest Line
DrupalDrupal with SQL databaseEugene Medynskiy, Mike Stillman, James Perkins, Jonathan Scholz, Neil Dantam, Venkata Mahalingamdrupal-requests@cc
MediaWikiWiki with SQL databaseRandy Carpenter, Chad HuneycuttOnline Request Form, and

DokuwikiWiki with text file databaseArya Irani
Swiki/Triton (merged)
Swiki/Guzdial (merged)
Swiki/Kingkong (merged)
Squeak + Wiki = SwikiMark Guzdial,

Blair MacIntyre (kingkong)
Swiki/CowebSqueak + Wiki = Swiki
Mark Guzdialswiki-request@cc
Swiki/AniAniWebSqueak + Wiki = Swiki
(A personal home page system)
Mark Guzdialswiki-request@cc
SVN/SVNTracSubversion Source Code ControlRandy Carpenter, Chad HuneycuttOnline Request Form, and

BugzillaBug TrackingJung Soo Kim
DotProject (experimental)Project ManagementRandy Carpenter, Chad Huneycutt
ActiveCollab (experimental)Project CollaborationFrank Dellaert
MailManMailing ListsRandy Carpenter, Chad Huneycuttlists-requests@cc
Anonymous FTPAnonymous FTPRandy Carpenter, Chad Huneycutthelpdesk@cc

How To Get Involved

There are a couple of great ways to get involved:

Collaboration Service Managers commit to offering a service to the CoC Research Community. Responsibilities include:


Thanks goes to several CoC faculty who contributed funding to make this possible: Tucker Balch, Thad Starner, Ashwin Ram, Gregory Abowd, Blair MacIntyre, and Mark Gudial. Two, very capable servers were purchased through their generous help. In addition, thanks goes to all of the volunteers who have and continue to maintain the services offered herein.